Angry Birds Stack and Splash Pool Game

Angry Birds …what can we say about them? They’re quite popular as children (and adults) throughout the world have fallen head over heels for Angry Birds. Due to this popularity, there are all sorts of licensing opportunities available. However, today, we are going to take a look at the opportunity SCS Direct has – in our opinion, we believe they came up with one of the best license of them all – meet Angry Birds Stack and Splash Pool Game.

An Introduction to Angry Birds

To offer you an idea of the appeal behind Angry Birds– this is a game that has actually been downloaded over a billion times and used on a regular monthly basis by 200 million people throughout the globe. Certainly, with those results, it’s something individuals like.

Confess, you’ve played this video game prior too. Now, there are around 12 various versions of the original video game and, at the very least, 3 spin offs that we know of. Besides its video game success, Angry Birds has a fascinating cartoon series that started in 2013, a film that came out in May of 2016 and also a comic from IDW. Also, if you’ve ever taken a walk down the toy aisle at Toys R Us, undoubtedly, you have actually noticed all of the Angry Bird toys remaining on the shelf. This summer season, much more Angry Bird Toys will certainly be appearing! Isn’t really that exciting? For the youngsters, it is …

New Toys Reported by SCS Direct

SCS Direct has revealed their line of Angry Birds pool as well as bathroom playthings consisting of Super Shooters, Bath Squirters, and our favored, Stack and Splash Pool Game

The Popularity Behind Angry Birds Stack and Splash Pool Video game.

Angry Birds Stack and Dash is an interesting swimming pool video game that is going to make its appearance in several yard BARBEQUE’s, the community pool and also pool parties. If you’re really serious and want to take the fun to a whole new level, get a few sets.

A Wide Selection of Games You Can Play

Right now, when we put our creativity cap on, we could think about a few various ways you can play the Angry Birds Stack and also Splash swimming pool game. Initially, you could knock the all down– the person that knocks them all down with the least quantity of shots– the person that knocks them down with the least amount of water. See, there are a selection of wayss to play this backyard game.



If you’re looking to add some excitement to your backyard, whether it’s a pool party, BBQ or both and you have little ones, then the Angry Birds Stack and Splash pool game is a “must have,” especially for fans of Angry Birds. With this pool game, there are so many different games you can play – it’s so fun that even some adults may choose to join the children and play along with them. Regardless of who you are, we highly recommend this pool game if you have a swimming pool and little ones.