Nerf Nitro Motofury Rapid Rally

With the Nerf Nitro Motofury Rapid Rally, get ready for a new twist on an old toy! Do you remember back in the day, when you would shoot nerf darts at each other? Now, as toys have become more advanced than ever before, Nerf came up with the idea to shoot little cars, instead of darts. Personally, we feel that this was a good idea and today, we are here to tell you more about this neat Nerd toy.

For 40 years currently, the heart of the Nerf experience included shooting tiny foam projectiles at unwary siblings. Nerd Nitro will certainly appear this summertime (just in time for some fun backyard play without considering school).

Foam Automobiles

Do not worry, it’s not going to injure– these are foam autos, just like the conventional darts, other than in the shape of a cars and trucks. Nonetheless, they do seem to be stronger than the typical dart. Not much has altered in terms of the technicians as you will certainly still shoot them from a gun. The gun has been modified in order to angle dramatically toward the flooring.

5 Nitro Sets

In all, there will certainly be an overall of 5 Nitro sets offered. Each variant will be based upon the exact same theme, which is “shoot automobiles, do tricks.” The price will certainly start at $10 and up. The blasters are readily available in the exact same standard mechanical ranges that the dart-firing Nerf blasters come in. There’s the Longshot Smash, which contains a single-shot spring-powered blaster that will shoot one automobile at a time. Then, for a little additional money, you have the Flashfury Mayhem set. This gun could hold a total amount of 3 automobiles at one time. Next off, for $50, you have the MotoFury Rapid Rally package. This includes a cool battery-powered flywheel launcher with a clip that can hold up to nine cars– this uses a quick, semi-automatic fire. Each of these collections come with multiple autos in addition to at the very least one ramp.


Nerf was clever with their security attribute. You see, if you get rid of the gun from the hard surface area, you’re not likely to have the ability to fire the automobile out. There’s a small safety switch under of each gun so that it could just release the auto when it gets on a flat surface area. Naturally, you could find the switch and also press it down, however that’s not as enjoyable as putting the blaster on the table as well as seeing the vehicles shoot out.


“It’s Nerf or Nothing …” Right? Nerf has been around for 40+ years and today, they are still popular amongst children and adults. Nerf guns are capable of shooting all manner of projectiles from darts of different shapes and sizes to straight up foam. However, with the Nerf Nitro, Hasbro is stepping on an entirely new stage and exciting direction. Nerf Nitro blasters fire small foam cars and they can fire them rapidly! If you have children who love everything Nerf, then they’re probably not going to let you walk away from this one.Nerf Nitro Motofury Rapid Rally