Melissa and Doug Food Truck

Melissa and Doug Food TruckHave you had the chance to go to the toy shop recently? If so, you most likely saw a great deal of various toys on the racks– ones that truly stand apart are the Melissa and Doug toys.

Exactly what is the Melissa and Doug Food Truck?

Long story short, with the Melissa and Doug food truck, kids will have the ability to mimic a street-food supplier as they utilize their creativity to serve food while on the go. It includes gorgeous buildings wood pieces and a durable cart that makes it so that the child can play out various circumstances, whether it’s an ice-cream cart, hotdog stand or merely a mobile market. Putting the “hotdogs” menu and awning on screen, the kids will have the ability to reach inside the slide-top food compartment and get a hotdog with some garnishes to serve. There’s even soft pretzels with mustard or salt! By turning the menu and awning and reversing the storage drawers, the slide leading opens onto scoops, cones and ice pops– something terrific for dessert!

This wood truck comes equipped with an overall of 40 pieces that your kid can have fun with. With this, they’re not getting tired as they will have the ability to serve whatever that is on the double-sided menu board.

High Quality Material

Have you took a look at a few of the toys on the rack today? A few of them appear to be constructed of some kind of low-cost plastic or something– we would not anticipate that in a kid’s toy … you understand, something that will be considered in every corner. Toys ought to be made in order to last for a long period of time– the Melissa and Doug Food Truck so takes place to be among those toys that does not feel as if it has actually been made from inexpensive plastic that is going to break. In truth, it feels as if it truly can hold up against the test of time. We checked out some customers that wished to present the “traditional design” toys to their kid’s toy collection which is where the Melissa and Dough food truck entered play.

While a great deal of the other toys will wind up being contributed when the kid is done having fun with it, this is the kind of toy that you will wish to evacuate for your kid to provide to their youngsters when they’re older.

Paint Job

There is simply something about color that kids like– they appear to truly draw in to intense, vibrant colors and the designer of this food truck clearly comprehend this truth. The discomfort tasks on this toy are brilliant.


As far as the measurements run– the truck and trailer are around 12 inches long completely and around 7 inches high.

Wheels Roll Great

Rolling the Melissa and Doug food truck around should not be hard, due to the fact that the wheels roll fantastic. There’s no issues with the pivots.


The Melissa and Doug Food Truck is the kind of toy that your kids will not get tired with quick. This is the kind of toy that you will wish to evacuate and shop for their kids to have fun with. It’s constructed out of high quality product and the color actually does stand out.