Love2Learn Elmo

Elmo …just mentioning his name sends his laugh through my ears. There’s just something about this little red guy that makes us smile. Perhaps it’s all of those memories of watching Sesame Street on rainy afternoons? Either way you go, Elmo certainly isn’t a name that is new to the scenes. In fact, he first appeared back in 1972 and ever since then, he has been a big hit. Do you remember many many Christmases ago when “Tickle Me Elmo” was a “must have?” You literally had people fighting in the store over the last Tickle Me Elmo.

Now, we have Love2Learn Elmo to look forward to and surely, he’s going to be something your little ones want this holiday season, especially if they are Elmo fans!

As you may be ordering this in the near future, we think it is only reasonable that you learn everything about the item. By doing this, you will manage to tell whether or not this is a realistic option for your child …

Here we are, staring at a new Elmo doll, 20 years since Tickle Me Elmo was established. We have noticed annually, a new signature Elmo doll is released and there’s no complaints about that. This year, though, there’s the Love2Learn Elmo and we literally had the option of seeing him during the course of the Toy Fair in New York.

When it pertains to a new Elmo doll, you know what you’re getting– a ton of positivity in that sweet Elmo voice, bunches of belly rubs, and we can not leave out the singing. Elmo LOVES to sing … surely you’ve recognized this? Love2Learn Elmo build on to all of that, but he is much more than just a learning toy that teaches the toddler the best way to use the potty or laughs when you tickle his tummy– he’s a useful assistant.

Companion App

There’s a nice companion app and that is where a good deal of the value is nesting. Mothers and fathers can download the companion app at no cost on their tablets or smartphones. By utilizing the app, mothers and fathers can find Elmo-led tutorials in a huge number of categories. A few of the categories include numbers, colors, foods, letters, shapes and animals. You can type in the little one’s name in the app, which will let Elmo use their name, giving the game an unique touch that the young children will love. In the past, as a child, if you had the opportunity, wasn’t it cool when a doll mentioned your name?

Apart from the normal class stuff, Elmo is capable of helping mothers and fathers teach their little ones life basics also. There’s a father and mother helper section in the app that will permit you to have Elmo say things that relate to brushing teeth, potty training, or even household chores. Elmo can prompt little ones to clean their rooms or use the bathroom and offer positive reinforcement afterwards– this can all be managed and prompted by you from the app.

There’s also a huge amount of bonus training games in the app that little ones will enjoy– for example, there’s one that involves finding animals in an image. Once more, this app can connect with Elmo in order to make the experience even more fun, with Elmo sitting next to them giving positive feedback and exciting facts.





Love2Learn Elmo seems like it’s going to be a pretty big hit. It can do and say a lot that parents would normally have to take time to say. The idea here is that kids would rather hear these things come from Elmo than from their parents. This is especially true when it comes to potty training, brushing teeth and chores. If getting props from Elmo gets children to help their parents out and they’re happy to do so, then that is a major win right there.