Kinetic Sand Folding Sandbox

If the little ones aren’t able to go to the beach to build sandcastles on the shore, you could always bring the sand to them – in full color. Have you ever heard of Kinetic Sand? It’s the squeezable sand that you can pull, pack, and shape – it’s so fun that your children will never want to put it down. However, once they do put it down, you’ll need a place to put it – that’s where the Kinetic Sand folding sandbox comes into play.

What is Kinetic Sand Made of?

Before we explain the Kinetic Sand folding sandbox, we really feel that we have to discuss some points in regard to real sand. Some parents frown upon Kinetic Sand, but in all honesty, we’re not sure why they would not get this for their youngsters. It’s 98% sand and also 2% Polymers (a type of silicone oil), plus, it’s gluten-free and also is made for youngsters ages 3 and up. This sand imitates the physical properties of actual damp sand like you would locate by the coastline.

This was originally created for forming yet it is commonly marketed as play sand for the little ones. It looks a whole lot like brown sugar. You can mold it as it stays as formed. The good news is, it does not stick to most other materials or surface areas that you have in your home. As a fringe benefit, it does not dry out. Regardless of everything, despite the fact that it does not dry out, a sandbox would still feel amazing.

With the Kinetic Sand folding sandbox, youngsters will really feel as if they actually are playing in a sandbox in a park. What’s great regarding this certain sandbox would certainly be the fact that you can have the sand inside, if you want. As soon as the kids are done having fun with the sand, you can quickly fold the sandbox up and store it. When they prepare to have fun with the sand again, simply take the sandbox out, place it on the surface in front of the little ones and unfold it. Yes, it actually is as simple as this.

In the Kinetic Sand folding sandbox, kids are likely to have hours and hours of play. This will be their brand-new favorite “toy.” Every time their friends come over, they’ll possibly ask you to bring the sandbox out, however that’s not a bad thing, since as we claimed before, the sandbox is simple to set up.

Integrate it with Sand Molds for Even More Fun

If you look online, you’ll locate different sand mold packages that you can also utilize. If you combine the sand box with sand and also sand molds, your children are most likely to have a ton of fun. When it pertains to sand molds, there are too many of them to mention them all, but you’ll find molds in the shape of automobiles, animals, as well as structures.



If your children love playing with Kinetic Sand, then why not get them their own Kinetic Sand folding sandbox? This will give them a place to play and store their sand, so it’s a “win,win” situation.