Hot Wheels – Bladez Quad Racerz

Later this year, thanks to a partnership announces by Bladez Toys with How Wheels and Mattel, we’re going to witness the launch of a cool new toy – Hot Wheels R/C Bladez Quadz Racerz and already, we believe it is going to be a big hit.

Here we are, witnessing one of the world’s biggest licenses being combined with Bladez Toyz, so we could only wonder what is in store for the future. With these companies being combined, you should prepare yourself for a new range of innovative quadcopters that are going to take the vehicle racing world by storm.

When you get the Hot Wheelz – Bladez Quad Racerz, you will be able to race and fly this 2.4GHz radio control quadcopter both inside and outside. You can connect a racing chassis to drift, drive and race this beast. There’s a Starter Set with this quadcopter, handset and drive chassis that will be available starting this year (2017), in September. For those that are seeking quads and race chassis for more racing excitement, there will be different expansion packs available. These expansion packs will give users the opportunity to build up a pretty impressive Hot Wheels collection.

As an added note, we feel the need to mention the fact that Bladez was awarded a Best New Toy accolade in the Action Toys category during the Toy Fair in London at Olympia.

Statement from the CEO at Bladez Toyz

The CEO at Bladez Toyz, Lain Morgan, stated “We have actually been working with this idea for a very long time and can not wait to see it enter the market.” Traditional, flying playthings as well as quadcopters have been targeted at teens that are 14 years and over. Nevertheless, we have observed a huge void on the market for youngsters ages 6 to 12 which is why Bladez Toyz made a decision to develop a brand-new vehicle toy that would certainly be an all-natural progression for Hot Wheels die-cast fans.

50th Wedding anniversary

Lain mentioned that more advancement of the item is on the table for the brand’s 50th anniversary, which will happen in 2018. Bladez Toys intends on releasing a business on television that will promote this item– this can be seen later on this year.

An Entire New Globe

With a partnership with these two firms, there’s likely to be a whole new world when it involves Hot Wheels. Currently, kids are going to have yet, one more cutting-edge method they can play with their Hot Wheels.



We can only wonder what these companies have in store for us in the near future. One thing is certain – Hot Wheels – Bladez Quad Racerz has already captured a lot of attention and it hasn’t even been released yet. As for release, we cannot find a certain date at the time of writing this review, but we’re sure it will be released later this year, maybe just in time for the holidays as this is something that many children are going to have on their Christmas list when this product finally comes out.