Hexbug Vex Catapult

Hexbug is a brand of toy automations that have really been developed by Innovation First. Hexbug was at first encouraged by BEAM robotic, which is why you find many parts of it in the toys. They were at first released in the United States through RadioShack, nevertheless today, you can find that it is used in the bulk of substantial shops. The original was based upon 6-legged arthropods, today, today, you will find them being provided in lots of varieties. The name “Hexbug,” nonetheless, isn’t really made use of to discuss the range of legs the toy has– the name has more to do with the shape of the item packaging.

An Introduction to Hexbug Vex Catapult

The Hexbug Vex catapult in fact is a cool little toy– the kids can build the Vex Robotics Catapult that can propel balls up to 10 feet … that will impress them. The toy includes a little over 100 basic to connect breeze pieces and 2 balls.

As quickly as the catapult has in fact been put together, in order to bring the container of the catapult far back, all you have to do is turn a knob. In order to lock the pail into area, there’s a launching lever.

The user can even modify the angle at which they want the ball to fly. They can do this rapidly by altering the T-shaped piece that stays in the middle. Once it is developed, put the ball into the catapult and press the lever down in order to launch it.

Presenting a ball isn’t truly all the Hexbug Vex Catapult can. The toy has real-rolling wheels, so the catapult can be owned around.

Re-Use the Pieces

When done, you can use the pieces to establish your personal trike or racecar. Nonetheless, you will not have the capability to find those establish instructions in plan– those standards can simply be found on the Hexbug website.

Is the Hexbug Vex Catapult Fun?

The catapult will catch the attention of great deals of kids when they see how it launches balls, they’ll hang on to it. However, on the specific very same note, it may be a little hard to develop in order to get the ball to launch. Kids will need some determination in order to get it to work, nevertheless it is well worth it given that as quickly as it works, the kids are going to be impressed with how it performs.

This is a STEM-based structure set that provides kids to engineers.

Who is this Toy for?

This toy is for ages 14 and above– it would likely be more intriguing those that have an interest in structure robotics and makers.


If your tween/teen gets a kick out of putting things together and having a good time with them, then the Hexbug Vex Catapult would be a great toy.