Fast and the Furious RC Dom’s Car

Fast & Furious is a global film franchise that is packed full of action – this franchise is built on pulse-pounding stunts, speed, and of course, supercharged cars. There are a variety of car figures on the market for the little ones to play with, like the Fast 7 Furious Vehicle 3 packs that features fan favorites from the movies, including tuner, exotic, muscle and classic cars – these are great cars to add to your fast and furious collection, but keep in mind that these are cars that you simply play with like the traditional car figures, then when you’re done, they sit on the shelf. If you’re looking for something that has a more serious side to it – something that has some power, then you’re in for a real treat. Today, we are going to introduce you to Mattel’s the Fast and the Furious RC Dom’s Car …

This is a 1970 Off-Road Dodge Charger R/C that comes to us from Jada. At the time of writing this review, from what we can see, there aren’t a whole lot of Fast and Furious Licensed R/C cars available, so we’re glad we were able to get our hands on this one.

Jada was able to acquire the licensing to develop some vehicles from the Fast and Furious film “Angry 7” in 2015. These contain both r/c and diecast cars and trucks. This set here is a new mold as they recreated the preferred 1970 Dodge Charger that was driven by Dom in Furious 7.

The body of the Dodge Challenger is brand-new as the firm needed to recreate the flared wells on the wheels in addition to pressing out the front fenders. If you consider an image of the car from the motion picture and also compare it to this model, it appears right on– Jada did a great job at bringing this bad boy to life.

Jada utilized a versatile type of plastic material that does a great job at taking in bumps– with this material, you do not have to fret about breaking the plastic over a small bump.

The R/C needs a total of 4 AA batteries for the auto and also one 9 volt battery for the controller.

Examining the auto on both rug and a smooth driveway, we discover that it does just as great outside as it does within. The tires are a little bit on the hard side, so you could anticipate some slippage, but not a lot. You shouldn’t take it into the yard as it will not perform that well, so you should maintain it on a smooth surface area like concrete. Likewise, since it’s close to the ground, you should avoid aiming to climb over edges as the framework will hit the ground before the wheels do. Regarding responsive throttle and also steering runs– it’s pretty good.



Quick Pulse Steering

Inside Antenna on the Car

Flexible Plastic Body

Uses Regular Batteries (you can use rechargeable batteries)


Can only be used on flat surfaces (don’t even attempt to drive it off-road)

Noisy Steering

Batteries are not included

Hard-Vinyl Tires


Is this toy worth it? We’d have to say yes, especially if you’re a fan of Fast and Furious. The flexible plastic body may turn you away, but don’t let it. This is very detailed and is a nice piece to play with.