Bat Bot Extreme

Each year, new toys come out on the market that children (and some adults) can’t wait to get their hands on. From time to time, we see a variety of Batman toys emerge and right now, we have our eyes on Bat Box Extreme. Batman is a popular fictional superhero that has appeared in American comic books by DC Comics for as long as we can remember. If you’re a fan of Batman, you’ll want to read more about Bat Bot Xtreme

What is Bat Bot Xtreme?

Bat Bot Xtreme is the incomparable plaything created for Batman fans. It has multiple projectile launchers, extendable wings, a voice changer, a covert Batcycle and realistic punching fists. Youngsters will have a blast with this Super Hero as they partner with him to protect Gotham City from all sorts of evil Super-Villain Strikes.

Bat Bot Xtreme stands a little over two-feet tall and due to this, he towers over the bad guys of Gotham City. Solely by turning the Power Pad, children can dispatch this robot into an epic battle, and extend his wings and arms, preparing him for action. When they squeeze the trigger that is on the back of the Batbot, they will encounter his super-charged punch.

Power Pad and Launch Projectiles

On the robot’s left shoulder, there’s a Power Pad. Turn that and his chest will open, exposing a hidden lift. The elevator can carry Batman to the cockpit, where he will then kick off a counterattack. On the robot’s shoulders, there’s launch buttons– when pushing those buttons, missiles will launch.

Voice Changer

Kids seem to get a kick out of having the chance to change their voice and we don’t blame them, it’s really cool hearing your voice transform into something else. The Batbot Xtreme offers a distinct voice changer built into it. Using this cool voice changer, they can handle those mean Super-Villains in the end.

Imaginations Soar

Using this toy, children’s imaginations will soar like never before. Along with imagination, cognitive comes into play. You see, storytelling and innovative play helps children develop language skills– it can also allow them to gain a love of reading at an early age.



By turning the power pad on the right shoulder, battle mode will activate.

During battle mode, children can use the voice changer for some epic voice effects.

The toy is over 2 ft-tall and comes complete with punching fists, wings, a motorcycle, voice changer, and projectile launchers.

Batman figure can fit inside the elevator, which takes him straight up to the cockpit.

By pressing the buttons on the shoulders, he fires projectiles.

By turning the power pad to the left, the Batcycle will be revealed.

This includes the Batman figure, Batbot, 10 projectiles and Batcycle




Looking at the features, it makes us want to play with Bat Bot Xtreme and we’re adults! If you’re a fan of Batman, you’re probably going to have a hard time not taking this from your kid and playing with it yourself. Regardless, this toy is well worth the purchase and we would recommend this to every Batman fan out there.