Air Hogs Drift Drone

We have had the opportunity to fly many drones around our home, so when we saw the Air Hogs Drift Drone being introduced during the toy fair, which was held in New York this year (2017), we got super excited. If you’re currently on the market for a new drone and you’re getting into the racing section, then Air Hogs Drift Drone might just be a viable option for you. Today, we are going to take some time to introduce you to this cool drone so that you can see what it’s all about.

An Introduction to Air Hogs

Initially, prior telling you about the drift drone, we would like to give you a short intro to Air Hogs. Prior to your heading out and to acquire something, whether it is a plaything, microwave, automobile, or laptop, it is always a good idea to read about the firm to see exactly what they are all about. Air Hogs, for those of you that don’t currently know, is a line of toy helicopters, planes, vehicles, and rockets that are made and also owned by the Spin Master business of Toronto, Canada. Air Hogs are controlled, air-powered as well as free-flying airplane. The majority of the remote-controlled cars have been developed to be flown without having to assemble any type of components which is something many people like regarding them.

Air Hogs was developed back in 1996 when British innovators Peter Manning as well as John Dixon came to Spin Master with their ideas. Rotate Master agreed with the suggestion so much that they licensed the technology as well as spent a couple of years and half a million dollars developing the drone.

Currently, numerous Air Hogs later, here we are, looking at Air Hogs Drift Drone and as you could assume, this set measures up to the expectations. We couldn’t help noticing that Air Hogs’ following line of toy drones have actually reduced the cost and also problem barriers and it appears they are putting some emphasis in the direction of racing drones, which is just what this Air Hogs Drift Drone is.

This is a hand-sized quad that has a cam placed on the front. The video camera is capable of online streaming video straight to your phone or mobile device like a tablet. For security, this drone has actually ducted props, so the props will not injure the kids. There’s additionally a built-in pressure sensing unit, so the user will certainly be able to concentrate on discovering control as well as flying first person-view via a headset, without needing to fret about crashing out of the skies.

As soon as the customer has a handle on things, they can close the sensor off and also take pleasure in the exciting wandering experience that includes this drone. The dexterity brought to mind of a many people the Blade Peek FPV.


Air Hogs Drift Drone Video



Not only is Air Hogs Drift Drone great for children that are just starting out with drones, there are many adults that will enjoy this drone. So, regardless of what age you are, there is a whole lot of fun packed inside this little drone.